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The next evolution in ETRM software

Software should enhance the energy trading experience and empower your team and business – so why does it so often do the opposite? We’re building a platform that evolves the ETRM experience – one that’s simple, modern, and designed by energy industry veterans for energy trading pros.

Today’s ETRM solutions may be “good enough” – but good enough usually means settling for outdated technology, limited support, and high maintenance and integration costs.

We’re here to change your expectations about what ETRM software can be when it’s designed to leading edge standards by top technologists in collaboration with energy industry experts.

What does a next gen ETRM solution look like? 

Modern and flexible

Many older ETRM systems are built on outdated monolithic technology, which doesn’t adapt well to changing conditions or integrate well with other systems. We built our ETRM solution on a multi-tenant architecture that can flex with your needs as they evolve.

Simple and smart

With deep experience providing consulting services and ETRM tools across commodities trading environments, we know the industry, we know the technology, and we know how to keep front-, middle-, and back-office workflows moving. 

Designed to improve

A modern ETRM solution doesn’t exist in a black box – it’s built by the best minds working together. We’re leveraging industry input from across all commodities and markets to build a solution that’s always improving. 

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What does a better ETRM solution look like?

Delivering more of what you need

Cost-effective flexibility

Our platform is an ROI driven application that scales up and down with usage, runs on fewer resources, and provides the subscription pricing of a modern SaaS platform.

A streamlined UI 

Clean, modern data views make our platform intuitive and easy to learn – without sacrificing robust functionality.

Continuous quality control

Cloud-based software with automated quality testing greatly reduces bugs and eliminates costly upgrades. 

Uncompromised functionality

Manage data, compare products, integrate with your Excel workflows – our platform gives you the tools you need to make faster, smarter decisions.

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Is becoming a beta partner right for you?

As a beta partner you’ll get…

Direct influence into our build, helping determine priorities and providing feedback to ensure your needs are met

Immediate access to the latest capabilities as we develop and improve our system

Access to a true partner who is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and making the technology work best for you and your team. 

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Help us shape the future of energy trading software

  • Leverage microservices to create the industry’s first true multi-tenant SaaS solution
  • Build on Microsoft Azure, using the latest development practices and processes
  • Simplify the front-end UI experience to increase efficiency for our clients

Want to join our development team?

Develop software with purpose

We’re passionate about developing technology with a real-world impact: as energy charges ahead on a global level-transition, ETRM is one of the best places to do that. We’re here to change the ETRM experience to help businesses realize their full potential and get serious about green energy and traditional energy alternatives. 

Work with energy experts

We’re looking for developers who want to learn the ins-and-outs of an enterprise platform for trading – one of the most complex and important industries around. Looking to work with experts to tackle unique challenges? Look no further. 

Be part of a collaborative, agile team

Our culture is built on the belief that the best idea wins, so we’re always open to new ideas and better solutions. You’ll be part of a talented team working together to develop solutions that matter.  

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Let’s build the future of ETRM SaaS

Our team of developers is growing quickly, and we’re looking for smart, hard-working engineers. We offer competitive benefits, hybrid office / work from home options, and more.